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26th January 2015
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Welcome to our new website

We at Utilise It are proud to offer an exclusive service finding production companies, event organisers and other businesses exactly the items they need to fulfill any requirements. From livestock to vehicles, furniture to props, locations to temporary relocation services, we are able to find the very thing that you require for any situation.

A database at our fingertips
We are the original sourcing company in the UK, and as such we already have a wide database of suppliers. We have a proven track record and are proud to be an approved supplier for the BBC as well as a number of independent production companies. Within business, we have been able to help source whole work spaces and logistics for a number of companies and help businesses diversify by introducing a wider client base for suppliers and more opportunities for hirers, for example a fruit machine in a pub, or a coffee machine in a bookshop.

Make it easy on yourself
As a hirer, we are able to take the leg-work away from you by sourcing the specific item or items you need, at no cost to you. Our fees come from a 10% commission taken from the hire fee. As a supplier, you pay a one-off £4 verification fee on your first booking, which allows us to properly ascertain and market what commodity you have on offer and of course our 10% is taken on a no-hire no-fee basis. Registration is simple and can be completed on the website via the Find It, or Own It pages, where there are simple forms which you can complete telling us what and when you require something, or whether you have something to hire. Even better, suppliers can get notified of what we are looking for and do not have to pay any set-up or verification fees until an order is placed. Join our network here or call us on 01243 773273 and get notified of what we are looking for.

An ever-growing market
The best thing about Utilise It, is that the market is ever expanding. People always require things on a temporary basis and the majority of businesses, large or small have things that they would be able to hire out and increase their income stream, as well as diversify their business. Extending beyond that, there are collectors, specialists and hobbyists who may want to make some money back on their collections or equipment. For the hirer it is a no-risk way of cutting out endless online and telephone searches for the right thing, and also opens up a much more diverse product range to them. We will do all of the looking for you and present you with as many options as we possibly can, based on your time constraints and budget.

Social Media is the key to diversity
Our extensive use of social media helps to ensure that our catalogue changes daily and helps us source things not even we have thought of, so rest assured that we will make every effort to find whatever it may be. You may have just the thing we’re looking for, so get in touch, you never know, you could have an income in your shed! So now you can think big, and create the authentic, focus on your day-to-day management without worrying about the fine detail, knowing that you can present in style. We will find it!

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