Sharing The Love… Of Hiring Rather Than Buying

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21st May 2015
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23rd June 2015
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Sharing The Love… Of Hiring Rather Than Buying

Utilise it Logo Web SmallI often wonder what inspires people to go into business, whether that is for financial motivation, being in charge of your own destiny or that feeling of great accomplishment. These are all the positive outcomes we focus on, but being in business certainly comes with its fair share of risk and problems, certainly at the beginning when you are finding your way in the business world, whatever your market is.

Being in the new revolution of the sharing economy, with my business of sourcing and hiring out props in Hampshire, West Sussex and the whole of the UK in fact, the team at Utilise It link come across some very interesting and quite unique businesses, one of which is a company based in Billingshurst, Not Just For Hire.

NJFH image

Amanda Samain and Sara Ellis own and operate Not Just For Hire. Amanda and Sara met at the school gates four years ago and have been firm friends ever since. Amanda’s extensive experience of working on weddings and events, combined with Sara’s business successes, inspired them to join forces and Not Just For Hire was born.

So when I spoke with these 2 lovely ladies, I was intrigued to find out what there challenges and successes were and what lay in store for the company in the future.

Kelly: So what kind of events do you actually support?

Sara: We style so many different events, from vintage weddings to childrens birthday parties. We offer a hire service and a ‘buy it’ service.


Kelly: What has been your biggest success to date?

Sara: I just love answering this one! We were featured in ok magazine for 2 weeks as we organised Katie Price and Kieran Haylers Vow renewals from scratch.  We have also been involved in a shoot with

ok mag

Kelly: So what next for Not Just For Hire? World domination?

Sara: Even though building our business is and expanding our team is where we are headed, we still want to keep the personal touch to our service.

We love seeking out new companies that we can work with for sourcing and hiring props, so if you have anything you would like to hire out, and make an extra income on, please do get in touch with the team at Utilise It, click here link or on 01243 773273.

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