On The Hunt For Interesting Items!

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16th April 2015
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14th May 2015
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On The Hunt For Interesting Items!

Utilise it Logo Web SmallWe all live busy lives, and we fill our homes with furniture, antiques and gadgets along the way. Some of these things are essential, we use them every day and couldn’t manage a single one without it, for most it will either be the TV or the hoover!

And then there are some we use from every now and again, like that retro coffee machine you bought on a whim. So why do we hang on to them? Maybe it’s because it has sentimental value, or maybe it’s something seasonal or just for certain occasions.

What if there were people out there that would take these items off of your hands for a time and pay you for the privilege? That’s when you start looking at your loft in a completely new light! Renting out items in your home is beneficial to everyone involved, not only do you then get good use out of your item, but someone else gets what they need, without having to splash out on buying something brand new that they’ll only ever use once. Not to mention the extra income you’ll be making!

record player

Utilise It have been providing this service since 2009, and no matter what you have, whether it be something you could find every day, or something completely unique and out of this world, chances are they’ll find a temporary home for it.

As I sit and write this blog, I am looking around my own front room, thinking of how many hidden treasures are here, if I was my client, I could sign up a whole list of interesting things! From my little rocking horse that I had as a child, to my crazy coloured sun lounger sat in the garden, that I really need to clean!

There are people now who may be thinking that people aren’t going to want to rent the everyday mundane items that they have around their home. Wrong! If you have something, anything, then chances are there’s going to be someone else who wants it.

The team at Utilise it! Pitched up at Priory Park, in Chichester last week to give you an idea of the items you could sign up, we had everything from a fairground horses head, to the lovely Charlie Saunders from a company called Caravanilla, one of the best examples I have seen for turning a caravan into an ice cream haven! Charlie is now earning good money out of being a supplier to Utilise It! http://www.utiliseit.co.uk/supplier-sign-up/


So take a look around your home, rummage through your wardrobe, and dig through your attic, you may not want that old record player, but I can guarantee that someone else will!


3rd May 2015

Kelly Mikulla



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