I Have Found a Treasure in Chichester!

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4th May 2015
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21st May 2015
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I Have Found a Treasure in Chichester!

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Diversifying and creativity is what the team at Utilise It! Are all about, so when I came across this beautiful Gypsy Caravan in Chichester near the New Park Cinema, my eyes just lit up! And I had to find out the story behind it.

I found out that the Roundhill Picture Palace was owned and operated by a full time press photographer called Louise Adams, and her brother Paul, from Roundhill Shepherd Huts, they had been making these huts for nearly 6 years and whilst exhibiting, they came across a farmer wanting to sell his old 1950’s thresher machine axle and wheels. After purchasing this, Louise knew it had great potential, but unsure how to Utilise It!


After a year or so, inspired by a program about a vintage mobile cinema from the 1960’s and the film Anna Karenina, which had such magical qualities, that light bulb moment arrived! Work then started on the Roundhill Picture Palace, with the interior echoing the style of an elegant theatre, or cinema, rich in colour, slightly faded, with gold gilded architrave, pillars, angel faces and murals.


I was in awe of this very cosy, opulent and intimate travelling picture house, and knew our team could help Louise shout from the rooftops about it.


Louise has now become one of our suppliers at Utilise It. If you have any hidden treasures you would like to earn money from, click this link and sign your item up http://www.utiliseit.co.uk/supplier-sign-up/ be a part of the new ‘Sharing Economy’

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