Borrowing is the new buying… so do you have Cash in the Attic

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26th January 2015
Accelerate Business ROI but Utilising equipment that isn’t being used 100% of the time.
9th February 2015
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Borrowing is the new buying… so do you have Cash in the Attic

In our life we all make big investments at some point. Be it the house we reside in, the car on our drive way, the boat harbored in Poole harbor.

Some of these major investments, like our day to day vehicle or home we use all the time, but there are other major investments we might only take out to play with on an infrequent basis.

Utilise It is all about making use of these items to your benefit financially, and others operationally. Be it holiday homes, second (or third or fourth) cars, boats, motorhomes, horses, hot air balloons, guitar amplifiers, gas power barbeques, you name it, all are also unfortunately often an insane waste of resources. They sit unused, depreciating in value and unloved.

It’s those things you don’t use all the time which have a value to other people and to share the item not only offers you financial benefits, but in return means that people can share the love of something.

It still surprises me that the list of items for discussion when a sharing arrangement is created varies little with the asset: it could be a house or a horse. Truth be told, everything you have at some stage could be relevant for someone to borrow or utilise.

Also, as its free to list items on UtiliseIt, there is no cost to you to list what you have, and you may be surprised by what people are after.

Think about this…

1 – People aspire to enjoy themselves in life. Having fun and sharing things is an enjoyable activity, and the more mainstream and acceptable this becomes the more and more available this sort of practice will become.

2- As more and more people share, the environmental and social benefits are substantial. The impact of fewer second homes and fewer boats has some major advantages. In the UK, where land is limited, the high number of second home owners, and thus the high cost of housing in some areas, has caused real friction with people who want to live there permanently. Worldwide there is a shortage of marina space, and yet building new marinas is often very damaging to the marine environment.

3 – By being able to claim back investment by utilising an asset, and renting it to people who are also after similar things, it means you can buy better quality products, which last longer and are my enjoyable to use.

Utilising the things that we have available to us means that not only can you reap the reward of what you own, but also reap the benefits financially as you let others indulge in there pastimes…

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