Be Your Own Lord or Lady… Just For One Day

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14th May 2015
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5th June 2015
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Be Your Own Lord or Lady… Just For One Day

Who wouldn’t want to be lord or lady of the manor… just for one day?

When I come across really interesting item or I get a request from a new supplier to sign up to Utilise It the creative in me thinks about all the wonderful and exciting things you could use that particular item for but rather than heading down one road, think of all the side roads you could explore.

So when Libby Iddles from Greyfriars House in Surrey contacted us to become a supplier, my mind went off in all different directions. This beautiful mansion house in the Surrey Hills is predominantly used for the most spectacular weddings, creating a very exclusive boutique feel.


Picture this… set high on the edge of a fifty-foot cliff, on 47 acres of land, the lawns are level with the treetops below, and have incredible views over the Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The BBC called it “one of Britian’s greatest Arts and Crafts Masterpiece”

Just think of all the other uses that the team at Utilise It could help with, this would be a great film location, as preferred suppliers to the BBC, we have great links to be able to publicise the house. The mansion could be used for music production, Charity events and exclusive parties, the list is endless!


The suppliers Utilise It have are so varied, the items range anything from a mansion house in the Surrey Hills, to a motorbike, or an Art Deco lamp! If you have an item that you would like to hire out and make an income from, get in touch!

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