About It

Who is Utilise it?

Utilise It are the original hire service in the UK. We have access to an ever-growing catalogue of things to hire for many occasions, for work or pleasure. We will find you what you need for free, and market what you have to hire for free.

Our primary objective here at Utilise It is to find the right product for our customers, and also put the hiring community in touch with a wider customer base. We pride ourselves on providing a service that benefits all the people involved. Small businesses who currently rely on local markets will be able to market their products nationally, and not even have to maintain it themselves, as the Utilise It team will bring customers to you.

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It is a risk free service, we verify  as we do not take any money until the hire has been finalized and even then, it is only 10%! There is no obligation to take on a hire, or to hire out your product until the hire is confirmed. We will save hirers time and money and also help suppliers diversify their income stream and release the cash in the specialist items they can offer.

Supply It, Find It, Utilise It!

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