A Vintage Caravan with a Difference

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16th July 2015
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9th September 2015
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A Vintage Caravan with a Difference

We all know the British weather can be shocking, especially when we have grand plans through the summer to get involved in all the local events or the bigger national festivals… yes we have all seen the images from Glastonbury, mud slides and crazy floods.

So when Lesley Burdett Taylor from Infinity Photographic, based in West Sussex attended her fair share of wet weather festivals in 2014 she saw the perfect opportunity! A vintage caravan, that doubles up perfectly as a photo booth.

Photo Booth

Lesley’s attention to detail, doubled with her energy and enthusiasm makes for the perfect addition to any event or festival. I just had to know more!


Lesley, How would you describe the caravan to anyone asking?

She is beautiful, her name is Lucy and she is 25 years old. The vintage caravan (aka Lucy) is a fully working caravan, of which the inside can be changed to any theme or event, we have props like teapots, teacups, an old typewriter which the children just love! And even a crochet loo roll holder, just like you Nan used to have!

We print all the pictures off there and then; we also have different picture templates to suit.

Caravan Inside

What is your most exciting success to date?

Well, I have been a professional photographer for 7 years, and photography is certainly my life -long passion (thanks to my wonderful Dad) I would have to say, the most exciting thing to happen just recently is… drum roll please… I am now the Grand Hotel in Brighton’s preferred Wedding and Event Photographer! Exciting or what!!

And, just give us a little overview of you

“Allll right! So what would you like to know?! Here’s some crazier things; I love hot buttered toast, Percy Pigs, chocolate … especially Smarties, sunshine, trying to grow veggies, morning hugs from my kiddie-winks, looking up at the stars and views … ohhhh I do love a good view!

Lesley has the vision to see ways of Utilising It we just love companies like Infinity Photographic!

What do own that can be Utilised?  We want to hear your story, contact us at Utilise It by emailing us at supplyit@utiliseit.co.uk

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