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Spring Into Action & De-Clutter

Spring Into Action & De-Clutter!


Spring is such a wonderful time of year, new beginnings, Easter with an abundance of chocolate, and above all, the string of bank holiday coming up throughout April and May, giving us time with our friends and families, and for some of us, time to do the things at home that we have been meaning to get round to for ages!

In my household, when I utter the words ‘spring cleaning’ or ‘let’s de-clutter’ it’s not uncommon for a collective sigh to go around the room, along with a few excuses as to why today isn’t the best day for it. De-cluttering your house can seem like an enormous daunting task, but all you need to do is break it down into a few simple steps and then in the end you’re left with a clean and tidy home.

And do you know the best part of all, once you have organised all the things you haven’t used for years, from the pizza cutting shears to the twirling spaghetti fork. Or those hidden treasures in your attic, like the antique mirror Aunt Maud gave you, or the surfboard your bought years ago when you were convinced that you would be heading down to Newquay every weekend to be a surfer dude… you can earn a bit of extra pin money by hiring these items out!

So lets get you started!

Step One: Organise Yourself

Sorting out your house from top to bottom may seem difficult, but doing it unprepared really is impossible! The first thing anyone needs to do before getting down to it is to make sure you have the supplies. Go through your cupboards and make a list of anything you don’t have, and anything you’re running short of. Cleaning products, bin bags, boxes, who knows what else!

Step Two: Declutter

One mistake that many people make when they start out with their spring cleaning is actually starting with the cleaning part! There’s no point in cleaning and organizing your home from top to bottom if you’re only going to end up with piles and piles of stuff you don’t need.

If you find something that no one in your house is making use of, but someone else could, box it up and either pass it on, or utilise it! This could be to sell, donate or perhaps to loan out! You never know what treasures are hiding away in your home unless you have a good look.

Step Three: Utilise your unearthed treasures!

What have you found during your spring clean? Do you perhaps have an old 80’s record player or a vintage suitcase? Practically anything you have could possibly be utilised by someone else and could be earning you money… your vintage suitcase would be perfect for a photoshoot and your record player would go down a storm at someone’s themed 80s party! We have clients looking for all sorts of items everyday so why not dust these items off and give them a new lease of life… earning you some well-earned pocket money for all of your hard work.

So this Easter, be sure to have your dusters and mops at the ready for this year’s spring cleaning… and let us know what you find!

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